1. Spotlight on Aspen
    Information and updates on City of Aspen projects and programs

  1. ped_mall

    Aspen Pedestrian Mall Improvement Project

      The Aspen Pedestrian Mall surface and underground infrastructure need an upgrade for safety and utility improvements.  Project goals are to accomplish this while maintaining the historical character of the Malls, improve stormwater systems, increase accessibility, and enhance the pedestrian experience.  Preliminary design concepts are now online. 

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  1. Water Storage and Woody Creek

    The City is in the process of purchasing property in Woody Creek for a potential water storage facility for the future.

  2. City Offices at Rio Grande

    Aspen City Council approved new offices to be constructed at Rio Grande, which will result in money savings for tax payers because the City will own the building and not have to rent facilities around town.  Streamlined offices will also result in better customer service for our residents and guests.