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QWEL in Aspen

The City of Aspen is a Professional Certifying Organization (PCO) for the Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper Program. Aspen became a PCO in 2018 in order to provide local landscape professionals with a free training course to become certified third party water auditors as specified in Aspen’s Water Efficient Landscaping Standards.

The Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper program is an affordable, local training providing landscape professionals with 20+ hours of education on principles of proper plant selection for the local climate, irrigation system design and maintenance, and irrigation system programming and operation. QWEL is an EPA WaterSense labeled Professional Certification Program for Irrigation System Audits.

COVID-19 Landscape Rules 

As of April 23, 2020 you may return to your landscape jobs in Aspen; however, you must adhere to Pitkin County Public Health rules.

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