2019 Election

City of Aspen Ballot Question for Lift One Corridor:

Shall the City of Aspen approve Ordinance No. 39, Series of 2016, Ordinance No. 38, Series of 2018, the rezoning of a portion of Aspen Skiing Company owned land from Conservation (C) zone district to the Lodge (L) zone district and the exchange, encumbrance, use or conveyance of parts of properties commonly known as Willoughby Park and Lift One Park and other adjacent City property, for use in the development and improvement of a newly configured and constructed ski lift, the reconfiguration of the privately owned lots to be developed in accordance with such Ordinance No. 38, Series of 2018, and the use of parts of City property (including a building to be relocated to City property) by Aspen Skiing Company and the Aspen Historical Society for ski way, ski operations, ski services, ski patrol and a ski museum, all of which approvals would combine to authorize development of two projects commonly known as the Gorsuch Haus project and the Lift One Lodge project, which projects include the proposed replacement and relocation of the Lift 1A ski lift and associated ski operations at the base of Aspen Mountain, the development of a skiway and associated ski operations, infrastructure and facilities along the new lift corridor, and other development along the new lift corridor to include lodge units, timeshare lodge units, free-market residential units, affordable housing units, and commercial net leasable area, a relocated lodge building to be used as a ski museum and skier services and ski patrol uses, a relocated restaurant building for commercial use, and parking facilities and the contribution by the City of Aspen of a fixed amount of $4,360,000 in support of the public facing elements of the project, including improvements to Dean Street and the relocation and rehabilitation of the Skiers’ Chalet Lodge?
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Fact Sheet – Lift One Corridor

On January 7, 2019, the Aspen City Council passed Resolution No. 2, Series of 2019 by a 3-2 vote.  This resolution has the effect of referring two ordinances to City of Aspen voters for consideration in the March 5th general election. The two ordinances, Ordinance No. 38, Series of 2018 (Lift One Lodge) and Ordinance No. 39, Series of 2016 (Gorsuch Haus) are being considered together under a single ballot question.  A “yes” vote will grant approval to the Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus lodge projects and the other related aspects of the Lift One Corridor project, including a lower lift location, ski corridor, and parks improvements.  A “no” vote will deny both ordinances and the Lift One Corridor project will not progress as currently proposed.

Renderings, images, and maps of the project can be found here.

Important elements of the project as referred to voters:

Willoughby and Lift One Parks

  • Direct skier access from Dean Street
  • Return skiing to Dean Street
  • A new, ski lift terminal in Willoughby Park
  • A ski museum, operated by the Aspen Historical Society (AHS)
  • Skier services and ski patrol facilities, operated by Aspen Skiing Company (ASC)
  • In connection with the future Dolensik Gardens,
  • a year-round park amenity
  • Relocated and restored Skiers’ Chalet Lodge
  • Relocated and restored historic Lift 1 bull wheel and towers
  • Dean Street Improvements – one-way traffic flow (west to east); bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and a drop-off lane
  • Access to a subgrade parking garage that includes 5o public parking spaces and the required parking (76 spaces) for Lift One Lodge

Lift One Lodge 

  • Two (2) buildings with a total gross floor area of approximately 203,000 square feet
  • A maximum height of 53.3 feet (west building) and 47.5 feet (east building)
  • 34 time share lodge units, with 104 timeshare lodge keys (each key is a rentable room).
  • Six (6) free-market residential units
  • One (1) employee housing unit
  • Relocated and restored Skiers’ Chalet Steakhouse, proposed as a restaurant/bar
  • Additional commercial space within the Lift One Lodge west building
  • A cul-de-sac that establishes a terminus of Gilbert Street
  • Provision of Affordable Housing mitigation pursuant to the current Land Use Code
    • *Estimated at a total of 45.62 FTE (full-time equivalent), Category 4

Gorsuch Haus

  • A lodge building with a total gross floor area of approximately 121,000 square feet
  • A maximum height of 40 feet
  • 81 lodge keys
  • Four (4) free-market residential units
  • One (1) employee housing unit
  • Commercial space within the lodge building
  • 56 parking spaces in a sub-grade parking garage
  • A new cul-de-sac creating a terminus at the top of South Aspen Street
  • Existing Lift 1A and related skier services and ski patrol facilities are relocated downhill to new location in Willoughby Park
  • Continued maintenance road access for Aspen Skiing Company
  • A preserved skier-return from the Norway ski run
  • Provision of Affordable Housing mitigation pursuant to the Land Use Code
  • *Estimated at a total of 21.68 FTE (full-time equivalent), Category 4

Technical aspects of what these ordinances would approve:

  • Lot reconfiguration (Subdivision) and Rezoning for both Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus projects
  • Exchange of property between the City of Aspen and Lift One Lodge
  • Approval of uses (commercial and ski museum) on a city park
  • Vacation of city rights-of-way (a portion of S. Aspen and Gilbert Streets)
  • Easements across city parks for sub-grade parking and ski corridor
  • A prohibition on new residential development on vacant Gorsuch Haus Lot 2, unless approved by a future vote
  • A plan for evaluating and implementing winter maintenance strategies (including snowmelt) for S. Aspen Street

Financial contribution from the City of Aspen

  • Approval of the ordinances would commit the City of Aspen to contribute $4,360,000 to the project to be paid to Lift One Lodge at the point that the new ski lift in Willoughby Park is in working condition.
  • These funds, while not specifically dedicated to these purposes, are related to costs associated with the re-design of Dean Street, and the relocation and restoration of the Skiers’ Chalet Lodge.  Lift One Lodge is required to complete these aspects of the project.  The City’s contribution reflects a commitment to these public facing aspects of the project.
  • To comply with Colorado’s TABOR requirements, the committed contribution from the City must be appropriated in 2019 and held in an interest-bearing escrow account until the new lift is complete and working and the contribution is paid, or the vesting period for the project expires.

For further information on the Lift One Corridor Project, please contact:

City of Aspen Community Development Department – 970.920.5090

Ben Anderson, Planner II – Lift One Lodge and City Parks; ben.anderson@cityofaspen.com

Mike Kraemer, Senior Planner – Gorsuch Haus; mike.kraemer@cityofaspen.com