What is the AIM project?
Beginning in spring 2019, the City of Aspen is upgrading its water and electric meters and corresponding infrastructure. The project, known as Aspen Intelligent Metering, or AIM, will:
•    modernize Aspen’s system with the latest metering technology,
•    align Aspen’s utility with best practices in the field, and
•    improve customer service by upgrading usage data collection for billing accuracy and resource tracking.

What is an intelligent meter?
Intelligent meters are digital electronic devices that offer two-way communication. They securely transmit meter readings directly to the Aspen Utility department.
What are the benefits of AIM?
•    AIM technology transmits water and electric usage the same-day allowing customers to track their use trends.
•    Usage data may point to irregularities indicating service or meter problems that can be addressed quickly, such as electric outages and water leaks.
•    Digital readings from the meters enhance billing accuracy.  
•    New technology will allow customers convenient mobile access to usage data.
•    Usage data can inform customers, and they can set energy and water use goals and receive alerts if their usage surpasses set amounts.  

What can customers expect?
The project entails new meter installation for all electric customers and the addition of new technology to water meters.  All customers will be contacted prior to meter upgrades. Brief coordinated disruption of water and electric service will occur during the installation process.

What is the project budget?
Utilities has budgeted $1.8 million for the initial project implementation, which is offset by a $200,000 CORE grant. The remainder comes from the utilities’ capital project budget.

How can I learn more?
Customers will be updated throughout the implementation process by a variety of methods including direct mailers, billing inserts, and open houses.