The Building Department is the custodian of the City’s building records.  If you need to access those records, there are three options.

Do Your Own Records Search

We are in the process of digitizing our records, so many of our address files are now online and more are being added regularly.  As a first step, please try our City of Aspen WebLink to search for address files.  Click here to browse files.  Note: Plan sets are not available online. 

Come into the Community Development Department Office

If you don’t find the address files you’re looking for or for plan sets, please visit the Community Development Department on the third floor of City Hall to view them.

Submit a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) Request

If the records you’re looking for are not available online and you are unable to come into our office to view our files, please submit a CORA request and email it to Click here for a CORA request form