Community Connections


Since 2010, the state has lost nearly 200 licensed childcare homes each year, resulting in over 7,300 infant spaces lost.

We have a serious shortage of infant childcare spaces.

Colorado in general, and our community specifically, faces a shortage of infant childcare. The state is working on a strategic plan, and we are working on local efforts to address this need.

Have you been impacted by this loss of care, either as a parent, employer, or as a community member? We would like to hear from you, and we will provide updates on this page, sharing what we hear, and what we are doing.   970-920-5363

We listened

We now have all five pages of comments from our community lunch and learn available for you to read over and think about. You will see them on the right side of this page.

I hope this is a continuing conversation and that collectively we will work to remove barriers and to advocate at all levels to improve how we provide care to young children and their families. Thank you for your time and comments!

Community Feedback on the need for childcare