Lodging Tax

City of Aspen 2% Lodging Tax

In order to raise revenues for specific purposes (Local Transit Services, 0.5% and Tourism, 1.5%), voters have approved a Lodging Tax of 2%.

Lodging taxes are reported on your sales tax return. The tax is imposed on the leasing or renting of rooms or other accommodations in commercial lodging establishments. The person who is renting the accommodations is required to pay the tax and the person from whom the accommodations are rented is required to collect and remit the tax to the City.

 The 2.0% Lodging Tax is in addition to the 2.4% City of Aspen Sales Tax. A total tax of 4.4% is remitted to the City of Aspen on accommodations. The reminder is submitted to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

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Taxability of convenience/booking/service fee: You must collect sales and lodging taxes on all such fees. It is considered part of the room charge and is not exempt from taxes.

Taxability of resort fee: You must collect sales and lodging taxes on this fee. It is considered part of the room rental charge and is not exempt from taxes.

You can find specific information about City taxes within The City of Aspen's Municipal Code:  Title 23: Taxation.

Vacation Rental Permit

If you would like to rent or lease your home or property for a short period of time, a vacation rental permit is required. You are required to have a local representative for emergency contact.

A Tax Return must be filed in accordance with your filing schedule even when NO tax is due.

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