Request Tracker Instructions

RequestTracker is a tool anyone can use to submit comments, questions, kudos, concerns, requests for help, or complaints. It is easy to use, but not meant for emergencies- for that, please contact the Aspen police, or call 911.

To start, go to the RequestTracker page, and choose the topic of your choice by clicking on the appropriate link. If you aren't sure of the type of issue, you can always click Other/Miscellaneous. However, that may delay response to your submission. Here is some basic guidance on common issues and which department handles them:

Neighbor noise - Environmental Health & Sustainability

Parking (except for disputing tickets, that's in the parking system) - Parking

Snow Removal - Snow removal is performed by different entities depending upon from where the snow must be removed.  Snow falling on these areas are handled by completely different people: Streets, Trails, Private Sidewalks, The Downtown Mall, Mill St. Bridge Sidewalk, and Entrances to Alleyways and ADA ramps in Aspen Core.

If you want to report a need for snow removal, please be very specific about where and on what the snow has accumulated.  This will route your request more directly to the appropriate party. These RequestTracker forms do not handle snow and ice removal requests from sidewalks- EXCEPT for the Pedestrian (Downtown) Mall and Mill St. Bridge. Property owners are responsible for snow removal in front of their properties.  Enforcement of private sidewalk snow removal is handled by Community Resource Officers (police) and requests can go through their "Report a crime" form.   

Tree Lights - Zoning (Community Development - Use not allowed by zoning, under permit issues)