Manage Your Service

New Property Owners

Complete the Utility Billing Form and submit on-line to the Utility Billing office. To complete your request, we require both the seller information and the buyer information. A final bill will be sent to the seller for payment and the utility account will be changed to the buyer's name for future monthly bill statements.


To change a utility account into your name, complete the "Request to Open a Utility Account" portion of the Utility Billing Form and submit it for processing. You will be contacted via email by our office requesting payment of a utility deposit based on the services provided for the service address and whether it is a residential or commercial property. The deposit must be completed prior to a change being made on the account. Also, on your first utility bill you will have a $40 account set-up fee.

If you are moving, the "Request to Close a Utility Account" portion of the Utility Billing Form must be completed and submitted. Your name will be removed from the account and a final bill will be completed and sent to you for payment.

Property Maintenance

According to city ordinance, it is the current owner's obligation to ensure all water devices on the property are in proper working order, prior to assigning that responsibility to another entity. A water meter inspection may be required based on account rates or usage. If you have installed a new water meter or do not think that your meter is working properly, schedule an inspection. Water meter inspections should be scheduled with the Utilities Program Manager, Keith Wester by calling 970-429-1995, or email Keith Wester.

An inspection is done at no cost to the customer to insure the installation and equipment meets city ordinances. One of our meter technicians inspects the meter, located inside your property, as well as your remote, located on the exterior of your property. If you would like a copy of the ordinances, download the Ordinances (PDF) or call 970-920-5030 or 970-920-5031.