For all County Inspections, please visit the Pitkin County Inspections page. Do not submit County Inspections on this form. A list of inspections required for your project will be provided at permit issuance. See a list of Building Inspection Types (PDF).

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Referral Agency Inspection Links

All required referral agencies must sign off in our computer system before any final building inspections can be performed. Please allow 7 business days prior to your final building inspections for this process. 


When an inspector comes out to your site, he or she will be verifying whether the work performed to date conforms with your plan and complies with code.

Passed Inspections

If your project passes the inspection, the inspector will provide you with verification that the inspection was passed.

Failed Inspections

If your project does not pass an inspection, the inspector will inform you of what needs to done to bring the project into compliance and whether formal enforcement actions will be taken.

Code Enforcement

The City’s Progressive Code Enforcement Policy (PDF) (page 12, Section 2.02.120. Uniform enforcement of City Regulations (c) Progressive enforcement) in the municipal code explains the steps you can expect regarding violations. Be aware that re-inspections are not allowed until the day following the initial inspection.