Driving Tips

Car To GoVehicle Operations

CAR TO GO offers members access to nine hybrid vehicles. See the links below for tips on operating our Ford Fusion, Ford CMAX, Ford Escapes, Toyota RAV4's, and Chevy Silverado.

Seasonal Driving

Winter weather, traffic and construction can easily make you late! Always make your reservation for longer than you think you need to. You’ll avoid stress and late fees - and you can always refill the gas tank for credit if you find yourself ahead of schedule.

CAR TO GO reserves the right to remove all vehicles from service and cancel existing reservations during periods of inclement weather. Of course, members will not be charged during these rare instances. Members may also cancel a reservation at no charge due to inclement weather. Just follow the procedures in your member manual.

CAR TO GO staff does its best to clear snow off vehicles in a timely manner. However, members are responsible for clearing any snow off the vehicle before driving. Don’t forget the roof, mirrors, and headlights. Brushes, scrapers, shovels and deicer are available in all of the cars.

Wildlife and construction present additional hazards in our mountain environment. Check out these tips on driving safely with wildlife and through construction zones.

Other Important Information

For the most current information on roadside assistance, accident procedures, fueling cars and other important topics, check out the Quick Facts (PDF) guide located in all cars and received at your CAR TO GO member orientation.