New Permits Management System - Salesforce

The following permits are now being processed in the City’s new permits management system:

Fire Alarm/Fire SprinklerPitkin County WaterTentTree
Landscape/GradingRight-of-WayFenceTemporary Encroachment
Parking ReservationsUtility Water ConnectionSignStandalone Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing

Get registered! 

To apply for permits in Salesforce using the customer portal, you must first get registered in the system.  To Register for the Applicant Portal, follow this link to fill out the new user registration form:

Getting stuck in Salesforce? Click here!

Visit our Applicant Portal Support Page to have access to tutorials for different processes that will help you submit your permits and applications.

*All Building Department Permits Require Final Building Inspections*

Determine if a Permit is Required

Determine if Land Use Approval is Needed - Inquiring if the Development in Allowed

Start an Application

Submit a Permit

*Please only submit when your application is fully complete*

Incomplete applications will not be processed

If Needed - Compile and Respond to Comments

  • Relevant City Agencies will issue comments as necessary regarding changes needed to bring permit into compliance.

Pick Up Approved Permits

  • Intake staff will contact you when your permit is ready to pick up
  • All applicable fees must be paid before your permit is issued
  • Building Permits: the job site must have at all times:
    • Posted orange permit record (easily visible)
    • Stamped, approved set of blueprints (full color, 24" x 36")

Pass Inspections

Obtain Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Letter of Completion (LOC)

  • Once all final inspections have been passed, a CO or LOC will be issued
  • This process can take two to four weeks
  • The CO or LOC will be mailed once complete