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Child KidsFirst_images_Part1 Webemotional development is like a scale that has two sides. One side gets stacked with negative things, like stress, violence and poverty, while the other side gets loaded with positive things, like supportive relationships, skill-building opportunities and challenges, good jobs, and access to quality health care.

There are interventions and supportive programs to help parents and caregivers counter balance the negative cognitive effects of prolonged and significant adversity.

Summer is Here! The temperature outside is getting hot, learn how to protect children and recognize effects from extreme heat. 

overheated boy

Temperatures above 90 degrees can quickly become a health risk, especially for children. There are several things you can do from keeping kids cool to protecting them from heat related illness.

See tips here. 

Local Resources & Programs

Find information about local resources and programs that support kids and families.

Websites on Social Emotional Development

See websites with more information on social emotional development.

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