Individual Membership

Car To GoIf one or more of these statements are true for you, consider car sharing!

I Only Need a Car Some of the Time

CAR TO GO is the perfect option for those who only sometimes need a car. Membership will give you all the perks of car ownership, with none of the hassles.

I Use Transit, Walk or Bike to Get Around

If you typically ride the bus, walk or bike, but sometimes need a car, CAR TO GO is a low cost way to access a fleet of vehicles.

I Occasionally Need a Second Car

If your second household car spends most of its time parked, it’s time to reconsider paying to own, insure and maintain it. CAR TO GO can be your second car, for much less.

I Could Use a Different Type of Car for Some Purposes

CAR TO GO members have access to a variety of hybrid vehicles including small and mid-size sedans, SUVs, and a pickup truck.

I Want to Save Money

If you’re like most Americans, you’re paying between $7,000-$10,000 (PDF) per year to own, insure, fuel and maintain a car. CAR TO GO members pay about $750 per year on average for access to nine vehicles. This cost includes gas, maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance.

I Want to Save Time

Snow shoveling, washing, oil changing – cars are time consuming. CAR TO GO members are freed from those hassles, because we handle them.

I Want to Be Greener

CAR TO GO members are transit riders, walkers and cyclists. Many have been able to eliminate their personal vehicle or a second household car, reducing their carbon footprint in the process. Our 100% hybrid fleet makes going green even easier!

I Want to Impress My Boss

Our corporate memberships can replace your company’s fleet cars, offering mobility for meetings and site visits at a fraction of the cost. Be the office hero by proposing a CAR TO GO corporate membership.