Kids First

Kids First has supported childcare programs and the people who work with young children since 1992. We are proud the childcare facilities in Pitkin County have more resources than would be available without the City of Aspen sales tax that funds Kids First and most of our services.

Each of our direct and indirectly funded program areas was developed to meet a specific goal such as childcare quality, affordability, or capacity. 

Registration is now open for Kids First trainings being offered to early childhood staff in June, July, August, and September. Check out orientation, standard precautions, CPR/First Aid, and Medication Administration. NEWLY ADDED - T.S.Gold - Using Data for Planning 2.0, and BOB Goals 2018-2019; register now, space is limited for some trainings.
*Costs for the health trainings are for Pitkin County Early Childhood Program staff; if you work for a school-age program, or work outside of Pitkin County, please contact Kids First for pricing - 970-920-5326.

Kids First Trainings

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We at Kids First know that caring for young children every day is both extremely gratifying and important; but that it is also demanding work that is not rewarded in our culture at the level that it should be. Please contact us if you have questions about your program; we will answer your questions, or find the experts that will.