Parking in Residential Area/apply for Residential Permit

Residential parking enforcement will resume May 3rd 2021

If you are a resident in our enforcement zones, apply for your permit.  Permits will be issued on-line only.

Guest permits will be managed on-line (no hang tag needed)

Read this before apply for Residential Permit:

*Permits Do Not exempt vehicles from other parking regulations including but not limited to the 72hr parking limit, No parking in 3am-7am zones, Fire zones and snow removal zones.

*Permit owners are responsible to manage and keep Guest permits up to date with current license plate.

*Residence must notify the Parking Dept. if they have moved to another address.

*All outstanding parking tickets must be paid in full before parking permits will be issued.

Residents with proof of eligibility may get ONE guest permit only. Residents may be eligible to add a virtual permit only if the vehicle is registered to your address in that Residential Zone.

You must move your vehicle every 72-hours, even if you have a Residential Parking permit. The 72 hour ordinance is enforced on a complaint basis.

Three easy steps to apply for residential parking permit.

Step 1: Use the link below to create your residential parking account.(sign up first, even if you have had permits before. this is a new account not related to any other city account)  Once you have created your account you will receive a verification email. Follow instructions in the verification email to complete your account.

Step 2: Apply for residential permit, press permit tab.

Start an application for your virtual parking permit. You will enter your address to see which permits are available, provide vehicle details, and then submit your application.  The Parking department will review your application.  Once your application is approved, you'll receive an "approved" email- your permits will be attached to your vehicle virtually.

Step: 3:  Residential Parking permit

Once your application is approved, we will inform you. You can then use the link below to return to  the "Residential Permit app" and then log in using the account credentials you created in Step 1 to manage you Guest permit.

Use this link to sign up for your permits:

A Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Zone is a residential area where on street parking is restricted. The RPP program was developed as a tool to balance the needs of all who parks on our streets, including residents, visitors and commuters.

Parking in residential areas is limited to residents, business and commuters who obtain permits. Parking is not enforced after 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday in residential areas only.

Residential Parking Rules:

Two hours FREE parking per day, no re-park. One visit per residential zone, per day.

Paid parking in Residential area is $8 per day. 

All day passes can be purchased on the mobile app PAYBYPHONE or WAYTOPARK and use location code 2401