Special Events

US Pro Cycling Challenge

The Special Events Department both produces and permits special events in the City of Aspen that not only benefit event participants but also promote and market Aspen’s vitality to our community and its visitors. Our goal is to instill a sense of pride and excellence in the City’s cultural uniqueness, and in its dedication for maintaining the joy and beauty that is Aspen. To find more information on City sponsored events, please visit: Aspen Special Events

Hosting an Event in Aspen

If you are looking to host an event in Aspen, the Special Events Department is here to guide you through the special event permitting process. It is our goal to assist event organizers in planning safe and fun events that remain consistent with our special events principals and policies.

Completing our short form application will begin the process and will allow us to review your event and guide you through any additional steps needed to get your event permitted.

Begin your application here.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Please know we are still accepting online applications for Special Event Permits with the understanding that current public health guidelines govern our ability to permit your event. All special event permit applications will continue to be reviewed following our standard processes as outlined under our principals and polices noted above. 

COVID-19 Event Safety Checklist

Current public health orders do not allow for indoor events unless an event safety checklist was submitted on or before Sunday, December 20. Please refer to Pitkin County's website for additional information on Red Level COVID Restrictions.

Commercial Use of Parks for Fitness/Wellness Classes

The City of Aspen Parks Department staff has developed a program to allow local businesses that are aligned with health, fitness and wellness. to use public parks as an alternative space to conduct classes during COVID-19 public health restrictions. These guidelines were developed to  meet the needs of the local fitness/wellness business, while limiting the impacts to the general public and park users. 

Special Use in Parks during COVID-19

Photo Shoots and Film Shoots

The Special Events Department is your resource for obtaining a permit for photo/film shoots in the City of Aspen. Please complete our application so that we may guide you through any additional steps needed to get your proposal reviewed and permitted.