How Recycling Works in Aspen

Recycling costs are included in all trash services for all Aspen residents and most businesses. Each waste hauler may have specific rules, but all haulers collect single stream recycling at the curb.

Curbside Recycling

Local Waste Haulers offer trash, recycling, and compost curbside services.

Drop-off Recycling

Rules for Recycling

  • Single Stream Recycling means that all recyclables including paper, plastic bottles/containers, and glass go together in one bin.
  • Acceptable Materials to Recycle List
  • Rinse out containers to remove food residue
  • No plastic bags, they are trash
  • No soiled pizza boxes, they go in compost or trash
  • No food, it goes in compost or trash

See Aspen's Recycling Ordinance (PDF) to learn more about the City's recycling policies.