Restaurant Regulations

Opening A New Retail Food Establishment

Food at Special Events

If you have a current Colorado Retail Food Service License and would like to participate at a Special Event within the City of Aspen, you will need to submit the Temporary Food Service Application (PDF) at least two weeks before the event will take place.

Foodborne Illness

If you wish to report a suspected foodborne illness, please call 970-920-5075 and be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Telephone number where you can be reached during work hours
  • The name of the food service establishment implicated
  • Information about your symptoms
  • A detailed 72-hour food history

View the Current Colorado Retail Food Regulations (PDF)

Retail Food Establishments

We provide the following services for retail food establishments within the City of Aspen to ensure compliance with state laws and regulations:

  • Licensing, inspecting, technical expertise, and training to restaurants, grocery stores, delis, and mobile food units
  • Participation in food borne illness investigations associated with licensed and inspected facilities
  • Plan reviews, inspection, and approval of all new or extensively remodeled food establishments
  • Food safety training classes to ensure a basic knowledge of the key issues that are associated with safe food handling and food borne illness Investigating complaints of food borne illnesses.