Waste & Recycling

Safety Protocol for Waste Services in Aspen

Waste service is provided by private haulers and is planned to continue as normal. Please observe the following changes in safety protocol for your trash, recycling and compost.

  • All items that have been in contact with a sick person’s mouth, nose or eyes (with any illness) must go into a bag and then into the trash and not recycled:
    • beverage bottles and cans
    • food containers and cartons
    • tissues
    • napkins
  • Bag all trash. Do not put it loosely in your garbage container. Continue to put recycling loose into the recycle container.
  • Bag all compost in a compostable bag. Do not put it loosely in your compost collection container.
  • Wash your hands after handling waste items.

Please refer to the CDC guidelines for specific recommendations on waste disposal in households with people exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19.