Business License


The City of Aspen requires that any entity doing business within the City limits, either directly or indirectly, obtain a Combined Sales Tax and Business License. This includes businesses making retail sales and businesses that provide services only. A business with more than one establishment engaged in business in the City would also need to obtain a separate license for each location.

Pay Annual Business License Fee

Business Licenses issued by the City of Aspen are only valid through the calendar year. Also, the City does not prorate the annual business license fee, regardless of when you start your business. The fee is based on a calendar year. Payment for your annual renewal should be submitted with your renewal form, and the total is calculated by the total number of FTE within your business.


Employee Number Cost
0 - 5 Employees $150
6 - 15 Employees $200
16 - 49 Employees $400
50 or more Employees $750
Liquor License Holder
Not-for-Profit Groups IRS Section 501C(3) Certificate Required

The City of Aspen permits home occupations in all residential dwellings in the City and has implemented requirements to ensure they are clearly incidental and secondary to the residential character of the home.

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