City of Aspen Grants

Since 2011, the City of Aspen has contributed more than $13 million in grant funding to our local non-profits in recognition of the vital role they play in our community.  A deep enrichment in education, arts and culture, mental and physical health, the environment and other facets of our lives in the valley occurs because of our nonprofits’ efforts.

In recognition of the richness your efforts bring to the fabric of our community, and the importance of our grant programs, City Council approved a grant program evaluation study. At its Work Session on February 22, 2021, City Council discussed the study recommendations and approved moving forward with the proposed improvements.  While details in specific areas will be further discussed with Council, overall consensus to move forward has been provided.  To review the Council packet or listen to the discussion, please go here:

Among the shifts to the program for the 2022 grant cycle are the following: 

  • Changes to the grant application timelines: First and foremost, the grant cycle is being shortened.  Instead of opening the 2022 grant round in the spring, we will open it in the fall.  The exact date is not yet settled but is expected to be in November 2021.  The date of the funds distribution will remain in April, as in past years.


  • Integrated City grant programs:  The City will be integrating all of its grant programs, separating the City Health and Human Services grant process from the County Healthy Community Fund grant application and process.  Specific program funding areas (Wheeler, Community Nonprofit, and City Health and Human Services) will remain.


  • Streamlined grant application forms: The application form will be improved, including separate application forms for small requests ($10,000 or less) and larger requests.  


  • Clarified grant priorities and review criteria:   Clarity in the purposes of the grant programs and the ends they are trying to achieve is important.  Conversations this year will seek that clarification and translate it into funding priorities.  Those funding priorities will then be reflected in more transparent and shared review criteria. 


  • A refresh of our grant committees:  The City has had dedicated grant reviewers for many years who have carried a heavy load.  This year, the City will be lightening that load, creating an overarching policy-oriented Steering Committee, and separate review committees for each of the three grant programs. This approach shares the work, while also providing an opportunity for more community members to participate in the programs.


Additional improvements the City anticipates implementing in the 2023 grant cycle include the deployment of a more robust grant management software tool and the deployment of a 3-year grant partnership option.

Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund Grants

To access information on Pitkin County’s grants program, please go to:

More Information

If you have questions, or need further information, please contact Karen Harrington at the City of Aspen 970-429-2856 or