Electric Vehicles

We envision a future with drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved local air quality. Walking, biking, and public transit are all a part of this future. Where necessary, electric vehicles are as well, especially when powered by clean and renewably sourced electricity, rather than fossil fuels. 

Public electric vehicle charging station maps

Read the Aspen Community Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan

Electric Vehicle parking permits

  • 100% electric vehicles can apply for a permit to park for free in Aspen’s residential areas. Inquire at the City of Aspen Parking Department by calling 970-920-5267 or visiting: 455 Rio Grande Building, Aspen, CO 81611.

Charge on 100% renewable electricity 

We recommend carpooling 

  • Cars with two or more adults can pick up a daily carpool permit at the Aspen Airport Kiosk to park for free in Aspen residential areas.