Liquor Licenses

Liquor Licensing

The City Clerk's office processes all types of liquor license transactions. Some applications can be approved by City staff, but transfer of ownership and new licenses are ultimately approved by the Liquor License Authority.

Apply for Your Liquor License

Applicants looking to acquire Liquor Licenses are encouraged to meet personally with the City Clerk. The process can be confusing, and we are happy to meet with you to explain the steps required.

You'll need to:

  • Review the Liquor License Application Checklist (PDF) to prepare your documents for application
  • Visit the City Clerk's Liquor License page to get more information on how to apply for your license.
  • Alcohol Awareness Training:
  • The City of Aspen requires alcohol awareness training for 75% of servers in any liquor licensed establishment. This training is valid for 3 years, and you can find out more by contacting the City Clerk.

Schedule a Meeting

To schedule a meeting with the City Clerk's Office, please contact the City Clerk.

State Liquor License

Liquor License Fees

  • Both the State of Colorado and the City of Aspen have annual fee structures in place for establishments required to go through the liquor licensing process. The total fee you will be required to pay will vary by the type of your establishment. For the total fee amounts, please refer to our Liquor License Fee (PDF).