Living with Bears

Bear Encounters

The Aspen Police Department and Community Safety Officers are here to help you with any and all bear issues you may be having. Please feel free to contact us at the information below:

  • Call the Bear Hotline at 970-429-1768
  • Visit us at the Aspen Police Department - 501 East Main Street in Aspen, Colorado
  • If there is an emergency, call 911 immediately

Securing Your Garbage & Grease Containers

As an Aspen business owner, you most likely generate a lot of garbage and grease which are targets for bears in search of a meal. When wildlife has access to trash, it brings them closer to our homes, creating a potentially dangerous situation for animals and people.

It's the Law

Since 2010, the City of Aspen has required wildlife-resistant containers or wildlife-resistant dumpster enclosures for garbage left outside. This includes anything that could attract wildlife.

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Approved Wildlife Resistant Containers

The following list provides some resources as to where you can locate and acquire approved wildlife-resistant containers if your solid waste hauler does not provide them.

Supplier or Retailer


Failure to comply with these ordinances may result in the following penalties:

  • 1st offense: $250
  • 2nd offense: $500
  • 3rd offense: $999 and Mandatory Court Appearance
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