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Small Cell Information and Engagement Session

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The City of Aspen invites you to participate in one in a series of Small Cell Facilities Information and Engagement Meetings later this month. Public feedback is crucial as the City of Aspen determines how to best design and create policy around this new technology that is inevitably coming to Aspen. It’s important to know that under FCC rules, cities have limited power to regulate the technology but to the extent that Aspen can, we are seeking your input on how to best do that.

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What is small cell? 
The next generation of technology for mobile device coverage and speed use what are known as “small cell facilities,” which supplement larger cell towers. Small cell facilities are smaller, more densely placed wireless facilities that can be located on buildings, poles, and other built structures as well as underground.

How are small cells being regulated?
The Federal Communications Commission has numerous regulations that local governments must follow, leaving very little room for municipalities like Aspen to regulate the wireless carriers on where they install the technology, how dense the small towers are, and how long Aspen has to respond to an application for installation. Federal Communications Commission rules allow for very dense deployment of the technology in municipal rights-of-way anywhere in the United States. How can I participate? Please come to one of our information and engagement sessions where we will provide you with information on this important topic and gather input about the elements Aspen can control, including design, height, and color of the small cell transmitting technology.

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Thursday, November 21 from 10-11am @ APD Community Room
Food will be served at all sessions

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