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Special Event Alcohol Mitigation Plan

  1. Alcohol Plan Narrative
    The Responsible Sale and Distribution of Alcohol is critical for a safe and successful event that involves alcohol. Please note that a State of Colorado Liquor License Special Event permit is required to dispense alcohol to the public. Please provide a written description of your alcohol plan by including the information listed below.
  2. Plan Contact Block
    Please contact the City of Aspen Police Department for assistance with your alcohol mitigation plan. Police Department Phone: 970-920-5400 Email: Please contact the Aspen City Clerk's office for information about applying for a liquor license. Please see the link below for the license application. City Clerk Phone: 970-429-2687 Email:
  3. Include date(s) and time(s)

  4. Will food be available at all times?
  5. Will you provide alternative transportation for intoxicated attendees?
  6. Will you provide a designated medical detox facility on site?
  7. Recommended best practices
  8. Special Event Liquor License
    Liquor licenses are administered separately by the City Clerk's Office and are required for special events wanting to serve alcohol at their event. Also, only incorporated non-profit organizations meeting the qualifications set forth in Colorado Revised Statute 12-48-102, are eligible for special event liquor permits. Applications must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to your event.
  9. Special Event Liquor License Checklist
    To obtain a Special Event Liquor License, you will to provide the following:
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