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Special Event Food, Sanitation & Environmental Health Plan

  1. Food Permit
    You may be required to apply for a health permit if food or beverages are sold or given away during your special event. If applicable, be sure to include your organization's 501(c)(3) identification number in order to receive a "nonprofit" classification by the Environmental Health Department. Different permits, policies and procedures depend on your classification and the number of days of your event. Please contact Environmental Health if you need assistance obtaining a food service license. City of Aspen Environmental Health: Natalie Tsevdos Phone: 970-920-5075
  2. Please describe your status of obtaining a food service license at the time of application, or if you believe you are exempt from a food service permit, please explain why, and what that information is based on.
  3. Guidelines for Food Facilities are provided by the City of Aspen Environmental Health Department. These guidelines should assist you in developing plans for food handling, preparation and distribution in the most responsible and legal manner.
  4. Portable Restrooms
    In the event porta potties are required, the City recommends two potties for the first 100 attendees and one porta potty per 100 guests thereafter. Per cluster, a minimum of 1 of these facilities must be ADA accessible. The Environmental Health Department may determine the total number of required restroom facilities on a case-by-case basis. Please make sure these facilities are shown on your site plan. You are required to provide portable restroom facilities at your event unless you can substantiate the sufficient availability of both ADA-accessible and non-accessible facilities in the immediate area of the event site that will be available to the public during your event. Porta potties must have storm water protection and be secured. No stakes are allowed in the street.
  5. Amplified Noise at Special Events
    It's important to review the noise ordinance to know all of the specific requirements for amplified noise at special events. Public Events: the maximum decibel limit at the perimeter of the event is 100dBA between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. The Environmental Health Department has a noise meter you may borrow. Don't forget that you must give neighbors a 7 day advance notice. Private Events: the maximum decibel limit at the perimeter of a private special event is 80dBA between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. After 8 p.m. regular noise ordinance levels apply. Again, please don't forget that you must give neighbors a 7 day advance notice.
  6. Acknowledgement
    By clicking, I confirm understanding of the specific requirements for amplified sound at my event.
  7. Potable Water
    Colorado Group Gathering Law says "where water is not available under pressure and non-water carriage toilets are used, at least 3 gallons of water per person per day shall be provided for drinking and lavatory purposes."
  8. ZGreen
    The City of Aspen's ZGreen Program is a certification and outreach program designed to help Aspen's businesses, events, residents and visitors create a more sustainable community. All events applying for a special events permit on public property are required to meet ZGreen Event standards. Proper planning for Recycling, Composting and Trash Disposal is a required part of your event plan. Failure to adhere to ZGreen standards may result in a denial of an event permit in the future. Plan Contact Block: Please contact Liz Chapman for assistance with your ZGreen Event checklist or to schedule a pre-event meeting. ZGreen Phone: 970-429-1831 Email:
  9. Solid Waste
    Waste receptacles are to be placed throughout the event area including all exit points. Bins must be emptied when full. Solid waste that is collected including trash, recycling, and compost must be deposited into Wildlife Resistant Refuse Containers* or deposited into a dumpster that is removed to an appropriate disposal site at the end of each event. Outdoor special event sites must be cleaned often and kept free from the accumulation of refuse edible by wildlife. *Definition: Wildlife Resistant Refuse Container means a fully enclosed metal container with a metal lid. The lid must have a latching mechanism, which prevents access to the contents by wildlife.
  10. Are you contracting with anyone to provide sanitation services for the cleanup and removal of recyclable goods, waste, and garbage during and after your event? How many waste stations do you anticipate will be placed throughout the venue? Who will be responsible for collecting waste and emptying bins into the dump site dumpster? How will you ensure waste receptacles are emptied as they become full and at the end of the day's activities?
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