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Special Event Medical Plan

  1. If it is determined that yours is a low risk event where emergency medical services will be summoned by calling 911, please provide on-site contact information.
  2. Medical Plan Narrative
    Medical and Emergency Service Needs of the attendees and participants are an important consideration. All day events, the service of alcohol, and event activities that pose an increased risk of injury are all reasons to provide a medical plan. As the event organizer, you may be required to develop a medical plan that is suitable for your environment and size of your event. The Aspen Ambulance District will review your permit to determine what level of impact your event will have on community resources and will make recommendation for on-site Medical and/or Ambulance requirements.Enlisting the help of a Licensed Professional Emergency Medical Services Provider to develop your plan is strongly encouraged.
  3. Medical Plan Contact Block
    Please contact the Aspen Ambulance District if you require assistance with this plan. Aspen Ambulance District Phone: 970-544-1580
  4. Ambulance Coverage
    If it is determined that ambulance coverage is required for your event, please provide the following information:
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  6. Aid Stations
    Please provide the following information regarding aid stations at your event:
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