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Special Event Parking, Transportation and Traffic Control Plan

  1. Parking Plan
    If your event application summary indicated that reserved parking is needed, please complete the parking block below.
  2. Plan Assistance Contacts
    The Parking Department can assist you in determining space needs or with additional questions. Please contact the City of Aspen Parking Department if you need assistance with the parking portion of this plan. Parking Office: 970-429-1761 Email: Email: Blake Fitch: 970-429-1760
  3. Reserved Parking Requests
    Any Reserved Parking Requests must be covered in the section. Be sure to account for days and spaces needed for set-up and tear-down of event. If applicable, please account for space needed to accommodate porta-potties, trash dumpsters, etc. Applications and all fees must be submitted a minimum of 7 business days prior to the start of your event.
  4. Provide the contact (name & phone) who will be available to public safety officials at all times during your event.
  5. Transportation Plan
    Safe Arrival and Departure of event attendees, participants, volunteers, vendors and staff in a timely manner are very important. Your plan should encourage the use of shared and/or active transportation and include methods for mitigating traffic congestion. Please describe any transportation impacts by answering the following questions:
  6. Plan Assistance Contacts
    Please contact the Transportation Department if you need assistance with the Traffic Control portion of this plan. Phone: 970.429.2095 Email:
  7. Are you requesting a street closure?
  8. If yes, will this closure impact a designated bus stop or require a re-route of an existing transit route?
  9. Impacts to designated bus stops.
    If your event requires a street closures that closes or obstructs a bus stop, it will be the event's responsibility to post and remove all applicable/approved notices related to the closure at that location.
  10. Will there be need for traffic control and flagging on local roads or road and/or traffic lane closure requests?
  11. Upload your traffic control plan here.
  12. Will transportation be required to move your attendees during the event?
  13. Will your attendees be utilizing Rubey Park Transit Center?
  14. Indicate N/A as needed.
  15. Indicate N/A as needed.
  16. Indicate N/A as needed.
  17. A need for service beyond that which existing public transit can manage may require supplemental service. Arrangement for and cost of event transportation is the responsibility of the event. Added pressure on the existing transit system may trigger requirement for security, sanitation or other additional accommodations. In the event supplemental transportation is being arranged, please submit timing, signage, routing and location of pick-up and drop-off prior to event for review and approval.
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