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Special Event Site Plan/Route Map

  1. Site Plan/Route Map
    Your Site Plan gives us a chance to see the layout of your event and plan details. Please provide an accurate detailed drawing or map that includes, but is not limited to, the elements listed below:
  2. Site Boundaries
  3. Site Improvements & Construction Plans
  4. Sanitation & Solid Waste
  5. Security, Medical, and Safety
  6. Alcohol & Food Service
  7. Transportation, Traffic, and Parking
  8. Accessibility Plan
    The Accessibility Checklist is intended to serve as a planning guideline and may not be inclusive of all City, County, State and Federal access requirements. If all areas are not accessible, a plan or program must be provided to attendees indicating the accessible restrooms, parking, vending, etc. Please keep the following in mind when developing a site plan:
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