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Transportation Options Program (TOP) - Member Info


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    1. What is the Transportation Options Program (TOP)?
      TOP is a City of Aspen run program designed to educate and encourage Aspen employers and staff to use alternative transportation to and from work.
    2. History of TOP
      In the 1990’s traffic levels in and out of Aspen were at an all time high. The Aspen community decided something needed to be done. At this time, they decided to create programs through the City of Aspen’s Transportation Department to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips in and out of Aspen and keep traffic to 1993 levels. One of these programs is TOP or Transportation Options Program. The goal of the TOP program is to educate Aspen employers and their employees about their commuting options which include: transit, carpooling, biking, walking and telecommuting. Through education and other benefits (i.e. grant opportunities and Emergency Ride Home) TOP has helped keep traffic levels in and out of Aspen below 1993 levels.
    3. TOP’s Mission Statement
      The Transportation Options Program (TOP) assists members with the development, implementation and evaluation of programs that reduce single-occupant vehicle trips, thus furthering Aspen’s goal of keeping traffic at 1993 levels in perpetuity.